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    Post  Spino Ruler on Mon Jan 10, 2011 8:27 pm

    Minor Offences, 1 Warning, Is A Major Offence If Done 5 Times
    1. No Spamming
    2. No More Than 8 Smilies Per Post
    3. No Reviving Topics Over A Month Old
    4. No Mini-Modding (Doing/ Saying Things Only Administrators/ Moderators Can Do)
    5. No More Than 7 Quotes Per Post
    6. Double-Posting (Posting Again When No One Has Replied Yet)
    7. No Posts With Less Than 3 Words (Smilies Do Not Count!)
    8. No Un-Required Smilies (i.e. Talking About A Skin And Posting A Bunny Smilie)
    Major Offences, 2 Week Ban, Permanent Ban If Done Twice
    1. Stealing Other People's Work And Calling It Your Own
    2. Major Spamming (Overload Of Bad Language/ Perverted Words)
    Permanent Ban (Will IP Ban You If You Continue To Make New Accounts)
    1. Stealing An ADMIN'S Work And Renaming It Your Own
    2. Insulting An Admin/ Moderator
    3. Insulting Other Members To Where They Feel Bad/ Sad
    That's it! If you don't follow these rules, you WILL be banned!

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