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    Post  Spino Ruler on Fri Jan 14, 2011 7:57 pm

    What this will do is make it to where your large carns won't fight each other. We've also added some FSM file modding so that your packing dinos will have babies in the pack/herd! Combine that with RSR's Baby Rex mod, and you've got yourself a REAL JPOG! Here's the download: http://filebeam.com/a3313a7bb0aa464389c1f4f7bdf3cea8

    Downlaod from filebeam. Then, drag the Spino units over your spino units right now. It'll ask you if you want to replace the file. Click yes or yes to all. Then, do the same for the rex unit. After that, go back to your data menu. Click on the units folder and click on the win folder. Scroll down until you see a file that says JoinFlck.fsm. Drag and replace with the one in the downlaod. Then, do the same for the C_Idle and H_Idle found in the folder DinoFSM(win folder). Load a game or start a new island! Enjoy!

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